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No matter when your clients call you can give them the information they need and Our Web Page .Org will do it all for you!

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      Use your web page to:
Post your schedules.
Provide a map for your clients to find you.
Explain your services.
List catalogs and brochures and notices.
Detail special events.
Direct clients who call your office answering machine to see your web page for 'round the clock' information. Important!
Professional E-mail address for a better image.
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Air Castles And Slides, LLC

Entry page and first page originally includes happy children sounds for this children's moonwalk jump house rental company. Then we realized that many parents look at bounce house rental website while at work while on lunch breaks so we removed the sounds. Now it has more visuals and more information. www.aircastlesandslides.com

Chef For Me this is an effective use of responsive design to use on desk top computers, tablets and smart phones - where personal chef customers contact your website and careful use of photos for a professional, personal chef service. www.chefforme.com

Part of what we do at OurWebPage.org is to teach our customers how to use the power of their websites we develop for them. As they learn they can start doing more and more of their website themselves. This first example is what many of the websites first look like when we first meet our customers. The second is an example of a website we developed and eventually the customer was able to do it themselves!
Lilov Fencing Academy

Total Website Services


This is a redudundant site so you can see your backup - just in case anything goes wrong with the first location. This is an enhanced feature. We want all the parents and kids happy with their party rentals and make sure you get the info you need.


Henderson's Gymnastics Academy


Large gymnastics program. Site originally had informtation about their gymnastics program, birthday parties, and special events. Also 'directions' worked with an "Expedia" map. Owners teen daughter tried her hand at website development.



MoonWalkSafety is an early inflatable jump bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses safety rules laws and procedures.  Video, slides and lessons to keep party children, all guess safe. www.MoonWalkSafety.com


Rental Safety is a well knowon inflatable operator and customer training program that includes professional video demonstrating various aspects of the setup and supervision process for backyard party rentals, preparing the site, location safety concerns, planning setup procedures,

Air Castle Staff


A website for the staff of an inflatable company. This AirCastlesStaff.com website helps keep staff have online ongoing training and process their payreports. This website uses responsive design so staff can use it on their smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. It is also a great way to keep seasonal inflatable operators and supervisors connected with the rental company to know what is going on that everyone else knows.

Air Castle Job Application

Air Castle Job Application JMobile is used for prospective applicants information and Job Application. Job Info and Application via JMobile for college students and young adults looking for work in the seasonal amusement ride industry. Bounce Jump Climb Slide - fun for the kids and good healthy work setting up, taking down and supervising the inflatable rentals. Happy famiies, schools, churches, companies, towwnships, communities and parks rent jump houses, bounce houses, obstacle courses, water slides, dry slides, combo units which have jump house areas obstacle course sections rock walls to climb and slipery slides. Combination inflatables often have basketetball hoops too.

The Products and Services page is done with JMobile and gives potential staff the opportunity to learn a little about the company before they apply for a position. They can do all of this including the application on their desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone. http://aircastlesstaff.com/ProductsSevices.html

A website for the staff of an inflatable company. This AirCastlesStaff.com website helps keep staff have online ongoing training and process their payreports. This website uses responsive design so staff can use it on their smart phones, tablets and notebook and desktop computers. http://aircastlesstaff.com

Licensed Inflatables

Licensed Inflatables Easy to see all items on one page with column border on either side showing photos, illustrations and details for inflatable rentals - bounce house moonwalks water/dry slides obstacle courses combo units and carnival games sports games popcorn cotton candy sno cone pucker poweder tables and chairs. Contains educational safety video and slide program for on line moonwalk bounce houses training program. www.LicensedInflatable.com


Jump Houses Rentals Easily see all company's bounce house inflatables on every page with effective use of the boarders. Includes obstacle courses combo inflatables water and dry slides tables chairs children tables and chairs basketball, football, soccer, Air T baseball, Frisbee Toss, and more sports games www.jumphouses.com

Bounce City Inflatables

Bounce Houses This jump house company website had a different, 'layered' format. The moonwalks and other products (popcorn and snow cone machines) were each given their own sections. This version is how it looked when the customer gave it to us. www.bouncecity.com

Bounce Houses NJ.com

Bounce Houses NJ uses a Content Management System which departs from the standard 'static' websites. This bounce jump slide obstacle wepsite is vibrant and alive! There are a variety of inflataable industry articles, blog, and live bookings for chidren's birthday parties.
Have Pony Will Travel Here we revisited a previous design and updated it for this children's pony party rental company. The links are associated with horses and ponies either for education, restoration and/or as horse and pony party rentals. It is important to have relevant links on a website. www.haveponywilltravel.com

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