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Pony Rides party rentals Horse back ridingPony Rides for children's birthday parties, big carnivals, the county fair, Western, cowboy and cowgirl pony parties wouldn't be the same without our lovely, tame and experienced ponies! These ponies have been used by 4H kids and have logged many pony party miles! Call today for a memorable pony party for your horse friendly kids! Call for a pony party for your children today!

Sweet Sixteen's and Weddings with a beautiful horse drawn Victorian Cart, the ONLY ONE IN NJ! Make your event a memorable one!

We don't stop at pony parties, we offer pony and horse education programs. Do more than just pony rides at your next children's party or carnival, a NJ certified teacher and horse expert will teach your children (adults welcome too) to learn about the ponies and horses. We are here to spread the myths and legends about our friends the pony and horse, and to teach the importance of their role in keeping our long standing relationship. The message the ponies whinny is:  "We have always been ready, willing and able to help you! Ride a Pony today!"

Pony Presentations developed by a NJ certified teacher provide information to develop a basic understanding of communication within a pony/horse herd and the social structure of the equine family.

Children's books and posters are used to supplement the discussion.  A slide presentation chronicles the Wild Pony Protection programs, with candid portraits further enhancing the audience's understanding of the pony. Viewers are given the opportunity to participate in a question and answer period.  The highlight of the program is the introduction of our equines.

"Improving on nature is impossible.  Restoring it is imperative."

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"To ride a horse is to ride into another world"

Have Pony Will Travel . . .Pony and Horse Fun and Education with our Equine friends!

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Have Pony Will Travel provides horse and pony education with real Equine friends in a safe, kid friendly program! Ride real horses and ponies! Only with us; Sweet Sixteen's and Weddings with a beautiful horse drawn Victorian Cart